Who we are

Biography of success. The company was founded in 1978, and subsequent years the F.lli Civardi Snc specializes in sandblasting and coating of metal structures for third parties.

In December 1997, the company obtained the certification of its quality system in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9002:1994 and in 1998 was renamed Civardi Srl.

Today, with a background of over thirty years of experience in the fields of chemical industry, of petrochemical industry, of Energy and of oil and gas, the company has an operational structure of 16.000 m2, of which 5.000 are covered.

The investments made over the years, have allowed Civardi Srl to achieve a high degree of specialization technique by which has greatly improved the quality level of the processing cycle. Our work is constantly under the strict supervision of quality control, from surface preparation to the final tests of the cycle.

It is no coincidence, that Civardi Srl has worked for years closely together with leading companies in the chemical and petrochemical industries, providing them with his solid experience recognized by many references.

The satisfaction of the customer, to be achieved through the definition and pursuit of recognized quality criteria, as well as the continuous improvement of all aspects of the Company, with particular reference to technological and organizational innovation, are the pillars of the corporate philosophy that management has made its own.


Civardi Srl has specific equipments for blasting and for the anti-corrosion coating:

  • 1 manual sandblaster 1600 x 600 x 600
  • 1 cleaning / pickling equipment
  • 1 bimixer equipment dedicated to the application of resin and very thick solvent-free epoxy paints
  • 1 bimixer equipment dedicated to the solvent-free polyurethane systems
  • 1 extreme mixer equipment dedicated to the application of paints resistant to low temperatures on joints and fittings
  • 6 overhead cranes with carrying and handling capacities up to 20,000 kg
  • Measuring instruments subjected to periodic calibration
  • Material coating warehouse at a controlled temperature
  • 7 forklifts with capacities up to 90 q
  • Large covered and uncovered spaces for the storage of products, able to ensure their integrity until delivery