According to ISO 8501-1 with metal abrasives perdormed with manual systems free jet.

Corrosion Protection:

• very thick coatings with thermosetting epoxy resin or polyurethane solvent applied to valves, fittings, elbows, tanks and pipes for the installation at sea or land;

• solvent-free epoxy coatings inside tanks and pipes to contain food

• coatings through traditional cycles for the corrosion protection of industrial sectors aimed at on-shore petrochemical, such as organic and inorganic zinc, epoxy, polyurethane, vinyl, silicone, etc.

• epoxy coatings without solvents against aggressive chemical agents of various nature.

Painting and Other services

Free bid, preparation of painting specification, preparation of fabrication and control plan, execution of samples, internal controls and tests, if necessary performed by NACE qualified personnel, certificates of conformity, categorization of the batches and their traceability, marking products, packaging to customer specification, deposit account and logistics, computerized management of orders.


Civardi Srl strategically chose the adoption of the quality management system to ensure the ability to regularly provide products that meet customer requirements.
The even application of this system allows the organization's business constantly improve the level of optimization, reducing the possibility of performing non conformant products to the requirements of the Customer or the product standards and / or laws.

For special orders and for special production cycles, Civardi Srl is qualified directly by the final customer (es. SNAM Rete Gas – Saipem – National Grid).
Civardi Srl uses only high quality pint products, and has built a relationship of trust and cooperation with its suppliers of paints and equipment, which allows today to offer the highest standards of service to its customers.